What is AMAT?

Amat began as a local pressure group. It was formed by a number of concerned citizens of the village of Baccaiano near Montespertoli who became alarmed by the activities surrounding a local beauty spot called "Acqua Bolle".

"Acqua Bolle" (bubbly water literally) is a phenomena caused by the surfacing of CO2 gas in a stream which creates bubbles and geyser like activity. It was targeted for the extraction of the gas by a multinational company. This would have caused the destruction of the site, which is of national interest due to this unusual phenomenon.


CO2 extraction in Baccaiano 


fire in the rubbish dump

Amat is also active in another environmental problem - the so called enlargement of the rubbish dump at Borro Sartori.

The project that was presented by Publiambiente Spa in May 2005 illustrated that the area involved would actually be doubled. The present tip was supposed to have been closed in 2005. Amat is concerned about possible health and environment problems and feels that the present guaranties are inadequate. Amat also fears for the negative socioeconomic repercussions.

Photo by "La Racchetta"

From a committee, the group then became a legally recognized Association (in June 2005) and has widened its horizons to include the whole of Montespertoliís territory. Its aims are to protect and sustain the environment and to enhance Montespertoliís cultural and environmental heritage and therefore to contrast activities which would alter or otherwise spoil the beauty of the countryside. To date there are now more than 200 members.

Our members

Our members are the hub around which all the activity of the Association spins. They actively participate donating their time and professional capacities. They are represented by a Board of elected members who meet once a month to organize the various activities. Our members also are very active throughout the territory monitoring the environment and reporting any irregularities. A monthly news letter is sent to all our members. Back copies can be consulted at Bollettini AMAT.

If you would like to become a member of Amat, fill in the application form and sent it to associazione@amat-montespertoli.it. The cost of membership is Ä10 per annum. You can also apply for membership at our headquarters c/o GREN FAIM, via Virginio 156, Baccaiano, Montespertoli.